Little Details With a Big Purpose

My name is Angel Martinez. I run a brand called White Wall.

Like signs quietly directing people to the correct location, branding tells a story, enhances a message, and directs your audience to what’s important.

I want to help you succeed because I believe every great product has the potential to change the world.

Brands are yelling at consumers, even in soundless media. Branding is a cross-cultural language in an increasingly diversified noisy world that revolves around many mediums. When crafted intentionally it reflects your mission and the care you have for infusing it into every aspect of what you do. For me, It all started with drawing and over the years as I drew what was around me I started to realize something. It was everywhere; marks meaning so much more than any one word could ever describe. Even as a child I noticed the power of this ability, it was like magic. It was all over my world in every aspect of my life and how I consumed it; people could even learn to worship a mark because of its perceived value. I believe that is how I entered the world that today we call branding.


Over the years & education, different styles & approaches, I have refined my branding skills through hand lettering. Now as a hand letterer and armed with my constant infatuation for branding, I create tailored works that serve as visual representations that create real value for my clients. These stories are created with specified goals and a complete objectified process, together we develop the visual masterpiece of your brand.

I have dedicated my life to creating visual representations that engage an audience.
Several years ago after finishing design school, I worked at an agency with high-value clients, I was enthralled. As time went on I realized that I’m at my best when I really loved the project. My favorite kinds of projects have always been those that required some kind of brand development. At the time that was extremely rare and far between. It was a foot in the door and I was able to see inside but just as a cog. Nothing was fulfilling me and I was tired of sitting on the bench doing all the heavy lifting once the project concepts were established. As my love for branding grew more apparent, I knew something had to change.

I’m on a Quest To Push the Industry

I’d spent years studying branding and I decided to pursue it full time.  Although it seems like many designers create them, even far less share how to do so. Assisting businesses to achieve their goals and teaching other designers to do the same has become my goal. This brand is built on multiple concepts, a chorus of ideas spread through many mediums. Assembled to focus on your brand. Together we work to ensure the resources, designs, and products are a result of a time tested collaborative process that produces the highest quality of work.

I Want to Help You Be Successful

Whether you’re developing an app or selling boots, do not neglect your brand, this would be dire and cost you a lot of potential. Learn to understand your values, establish your foundation, build on your platform, and start bringing new potential that leads to sales. If you are a brand that needs some consulting or a designer as passionate about branding as I am, I want to help you. This website is the platform and everything from my work, resources, and products can be found here. If I can use my passion to help you, please contact me.

Let's Create