One Step at a Time

Creating an effective brand is an objective process. One that takes many paths to explore and hone down to a final concept; based on what will be most effective for your project goals. The real value is White Wall’s approach and creative expertise on an objectively-designed identity/product. Branding is what WW lives for, helping you create your visual voice is a passion. Your story with your goals tailored to your audience without over-complicating the message is the end result.

You won’t be filling a budget field on this form, nor do I display any rates. The focus is the brand, the story you’re projecting and in the preliminary discussions, we want to concentrate on the project goals that will enable excellent results. Such precision requires conversations and thoughtful processing in order to gradually build the best result. Branding takes time. WW is selective in the client process in order to ensure the continuation of great executions. WW focuses on creating high-quality work—and the fee is not meant in any way to be competitive. The volume of inquiries enables a necessary selective process in partnering with you, the client. If your budget is minimal, we won’t be a good fit. If you don’t know whether your budget is minimal, we probably won’t be a good fit.

If your focus is investing on experienced professionals dedicated to crafting an effective tailored solution for your goals, then likely we would be an excellent fit.

I say no to 98% of the requests I receive, so I can say yes to the ones that I know will enable excellence. The reason is an effective outcome is only the result of an objectified process. As a client, you provide the content, a clear overview, and your goals. This is the full extent of your responsibility in the partnership. WW does not design on personal whim or individual preference. Suggested final design recommendations will be immediately declined. An effective end result is not one that I know—even as a professional—let alone you as the client, that is specialized in a different field. It is imperative that an iterative process be performed solely by professionals. This means every design decision made is objective and considered in the context of the provided goals. The only external input considered relevant should allow for uninformed specifications or even constraints that will directly influence the process and the result, failure of producing such information would be a disservice to yourself, the client.

As Partners We Have Goal Alignment 

The projects that are accepted are ones that WW is thoroughly passionate about partnering with and dedicating time to crafting a work of remarkable quality. Doing so requires a lifestyle shift—this level of excellence demands a devotion of more time at the desk, drawing, and designing, but also in thoughts throughout the day and in the time away from the office. Your brand becomes my life. I bring solutions not more options, choices will be uplifted for you.

The best brand action to take and spend resources & time on is discovered, conceptualized, and discussed with you the partner. The process entails taking the provided goals and constraints along with the output mediums, applications, and target audience to be considered. After numerous iterations, we hone down to a final concept based on what will be most effective for the project goals.

Schedule Your Consult

Potential Brand Action

After completing the initial online questionnaire, we meet virtually or in person once valid and accepted. At this meeting, we get a further grasp of the situation, the project, and its goals. We acknowledge that you understand how the approach works, and walk you through the process and the general contract.

Once valid, I will be in touch to highlight the goals, the intention, and the overall investment price. We would meet again and go over more specific project details such as dates and turnaround times so we could both know what to expect and go over the specific contract. Once the project is clear and you understand the direction a minimum of 50% of the investment is due upon signing the contract, by this time there are three things we would be on the same page about:

Signed and understand the contract.
Fully understand the process that WW will provide.
Trust the process

Once 50% of the payment has been processed, and the contract signed, I’ll lock you in and schedule the project out as discussed previously.

Since the process is an objective and iterative, it should be expected that the result was not what may have been in mind. It is not my goal to cater to the subjective preference of my client or even my own personal tendencies. My value is the expertise I bring in the form of my experience to create effective, objectively designed solutions. This single, refined end product that I provide is an intentional solution to my client’s goals. Anything less is just that and not the work of a professional.

Once the design is fully rendered and on our predetermined date, I will walk you through your creative solution, show you an inside look of what we did to achieve each one of your goals and answer everything you need to know about your aesthetic. Every detail from a specific line width to a font choice, and color—everything will be laid out for you. All of the design decisions made along the way are explained and shown to demonstrate how they serve the project goals. You will also be provided with a link with visual documentation that outlines the design process from conception to completion and at the bottom of that page, you will be able to download your files.

Brand What You Do

Clients approach me because they appreciate the quality of the results. They desire that proficiency for their project. The only way to produce the same level of results is through strict adherence to a time-tested process. There can be no compromise on the process. The process is the catalyst and is required to realize its true value.The only aim to solve your problems and produce excellent work. That can only work when the client has expressed trust in the process.

Let's Create